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"If ask whether Ferret could crush Deep Blue, my answer was yes, if it was dropped out of an airplane. With the new machine [quad Xeon], it would only need to be dropped five or six stories, which is progress of a sort."
(Bruce Morland on CCC)

Sometimes it is the small things... [Shep] 16.03.2002

Don't laugh - it's a sad thing. The reset button in the dual is stuck and cannot be fixed by us - this means another trip to the factory for the machine. :-(((((( We'll keep you posted.... Did I mention it is the dudes from Waibel who build a $4500 machine with the cheapest little reset button you ever have seen? Did I? Good!
Two month delay over [Shep] 06.03.2002

After the dual was returned to us on 28.02. and I have overcome a nasty desease, SCCS is finally back to normal. Keep looking for XP Cup news here.
New dedicated server [Arky] 05.02.2002

Please point all your bookmarks to which will be the main server from now on. The old will not be updated any longer. If the server's busy, try our backup at
Contribute to SCCS [Karina] 03.01.2002

If you have information to share, don't hesitate - check the Contribution page and send us anything that might be worth showing on SCCS.

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